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eFilm Studio realizes the importance of staying current on experiential marketing industry trends. By keeping up with these trends, eFilm can better serve and satisfy its clients and anticipate and fulfill their ever-changing needs. We are constantly researching and learning about the current industry environment and using this knowledge to continuously evolve. Click on the links below to read industry articles and summaries.

In December 2010 eFilm conducted a consumer marketing research survey where we questioned consumers of all ages on their preferences when attending a brand sponsored event. We learned some valuable information regarding our business and what consumers want in regard to our products and services.
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  • December 2011 - Levi's Curve ID College Tour Makes Contest of the Perfect Jeans Fit - Click Here
  • December 2011 - Steve Jobsí Legacy for Marketers - Click Here
  • December 2011 - Pinterest Offers Small Businesses Well of Untapped Inbound Marketing Potential: Learn More
  • December 2011 - Tips for Building an Effective Google+ Brand Strategy:
  • August 2011 - See our photos from Comic-Con International 2011! We worked on several activations there this year! Click Here
  • August 2011 - How Did Nivea Design its Mega Pop-Up? Plus the Rihanna Connection - Learn Here
  • August 2011 - Click Here to learn the Habits of Highly Effective Marketers
  • April 2011 - Hereís a great article about keeping experiential marketing fresh & unique in todayís environment. Click Here
  • April 2011 - TLC network engages in event marketing by planning a Royal Wedding extravaganza in New Yorkís Times Square. Click Here
  • April 2011 - Near East, a marketer of couscous and other specialty sides, introduces its first sampling tour. First stop: Seattle. Click Here
  • April 2011 - Our parent company Step Logic was mentioned on for the Ciroc Safe Rides program at the Washington Wizards game last week. We activated our Mobile Squids to take photos at the event. Very exciting! Read the article here
  • March 2011 - Whether you use Twitter, Facebook, Four Square, Blogs, YouTube, Wikis, all of the above, or none of the above, you canít deny that social media has changed the game in the event marketing industry. Brands can now have two-way conversations directly with consumers and convey a more approachable, friendly image in a way that wasnít possible in the past. Rather than viewing big brands as impersonal machines, consumers can directly interact with them from the comfort of their own home or even on-the-go via cell phone. Social media allows for a creative outlet for companies to truly connect with consumers in a non-invasive way. Learn Social Media Tips
  • February 2011 - Close, Finney, Lacey, and Sneath examine the relationship between consumers, event marketing, and consumersí intent to purchase after the event. They determined that excitement and level of activeness with respect to the event, as well as prior knowledge of the sponsor and its products, has a positive impact on the event-goers desire for the sponsor to be actively involved with the surrounding community. Additionally, event attendees that are more community-minded view the event sponsor more positively after their experience than those who are less community-minded. Their research also shows that a higher opinion of the sponsor contributes to a higher purchase intention of the sponsorís products or services. Therefore, the perfect mix for truly engaging consumers includes consumers who are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and active in respect to the event and the sponsor. In addition, the scholars revealed key points regarding event marketing, event sponsorship, and sports marketing. Learn More
  • January 2011 - According to research done by Whelan and Wohfeil, brand communication in the form of event marketing where consumers participate on a behavioral level leads to quality brand consumer engagement whereby consumers experience the brand first-hand. Utilizing traditional advertising often leads to consumers attempting to avoid such ads by fast forwarding through commercials or changing the radio station in order to combat information overload. Therefore, marketers are seeking alternative means of communication, specifically event marketing. Learn More
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